Types of Rowing Machines To Buy For Home Use

Rowing machines are the backbone of our working out which we do daily and never take rest from. People often confuse rowing with a different form of exercise and when they begin, they absolutely have no idea about what they are actually doing. When people mostly start rowing for the first time, they just don’t know where to begin and which type of rowing machine suits them.

Well, yes, you heard it right. I mentioned ‘types of rowing machines’. If people are keen about using rowing machines, they should definitely know that rowing machines come in different types about which they have to know for sure without actually starting off without knowing much.

That is why I have provided you a guide where I will be mentioning the 3 different types of rowing machines and how they work and what their functions actually are.

Types of rowing machine in india


This here is one of the best type of rowing machines which people mostly prefer because of the reason that it is totally silent and you won’t have to deal with noises while using it.

People who love rowing right at their homes would understand the need of having a quiet rower and well, this here fits your needs perfectly.

You can easily do all the stuff in this machine and above all, the resistance is even balanced which allows you to row without any issues and withouyt feeling excessive weight or pressure on your bodies.


So, this is the other kind of rowing machine which you are going to love using and essentially, you have to pull the handle and this makes the regulator spin and because it spins it creates wind that provides resistance.

The tougher you row, the more wind is generated and therefore a lot of resistance you’ll get. If you wish less resistance merely row with less intensity and therefore the resistance can naturally decrease as you produce less wind.

You can do management of the amount of resistance along with your sport motion and therefore you won’t realise any knobs or buttons to regulate the degree on most of those styles of rowers. However, there are some that have levers that may be wont to management the resistance level by adjusting the air flow.


Water resistance technology is that the new child on the block of resistance systems in rowers. They work using paddles which are suspended within an indoor tank for resistance and once you row, the paddles spin and use the water for resistance. The quicker you row, the additional resistance you’ll get.

Like air resistance rowers, the water resistance models enable you to regulate the amount of resistance by dynamic how briskly you’re rowing. One major distinction, though, is that water rowers aren’t as strident. The paddles within the water do build a swooshing sound,

however it’s not commonly terribly loud and lots of individuals notice the sound to be restful. This sort of water resistance system offers a really realistic feeling of row get into open waters and for this reason it’s favoured among people who fancy outside row.