You probably may have shifted your tastes of music from different categories to different genres but we really may be in need for the best music downloading apps.

The technology is advancing so much nowadays that even the minutest things are done by our phones. Say anytime you’re bored or something, you have all the alternatives of entertaining yourself by your phones and one of the best thing among this entertainment is the music. Our phones can download and store any kind of music so that we listen to it anytime we feel its need.

But is music always easy to find? We don’t think so. Going online and searching for your music can take time and more annoying than that is to wait for the song to get fully downloaded so that you listen to it later. Also many of the websites that you visit don’t actually provide you the links to best music downloading apps for free or the music downloading sites.

So why not to try different applications available for your Android phones that will allow you to access music without any issues. We have the music applications for which and the music applications are always in assistance for you that let you search for any music in your Android without having to visit the farthest corners of the internet and getting a downloadable link finally via any website. So, we are providing you with some of the best music apps for Android where you can get your music of any kind. Let’s start getting you some apps for your Android.

Free Music Apps for android phones

  1. SoundCloud

This app really doesn’t focus on only what that’s popular right now but keeps you updated with free music always as one of the best music downloading apps. You can even upload your own content and anybody can stream into it. It has variety of features to enjoy and great interface than you would expect. Overall, you’ll love playing and downloading music through this app.

  1. Google Play Music

Google Music always remains the primary focus of every music lover just because it’s considered to be one of the best apps for listening to music. You can even upload around 50k of your own songs to the cloud and listen to them for free, anytime. This app has a free version that allows you to stream into your favorite songs and listen to various playlists. We really recommend this app to you as a best music downloading apps.

  1. Pandora

This music app has been in consideration for a long time, providing quality service to millions of users, both online as well as phone. This app also lets you easily jump right in and listen to music you enjoy on virtually any platform you can think of and your stations sync across all of them. This app won’t let your music interests fade away and moreover if you want some more features, you can easily switch to the paid version which is provided in this app too.

  1. Spotify

If you want the best music downloading apps in your phone, then you will really want to try Spotify. This is a great app for downloading and streaming music for free which includes great collection of songs in its library of old and new times. Spotify also lets you to create your own playlist and also, it features material design, chrome cast support, and the tablet version of this music app actually has more features. So you can really try for your own convenience.

  1. GTunes Music Downloader

GTunes Music Downloader is one of the best music downloading apps which lets you search for your favorite music file easily and then you can download it, and you may even play it offline. If you do not require an all-in-one download manager, and you can find almost every song through its search results as this is one of the most perfect choice.